GBWhatsApp APK latest version download for android in 2019

Hello, friends, I would like to tell you about GBWhatsApp (G.B.W.A) today. One thing to say is that GB WhatsApp is WhatsApp mode. At present, the demand for this GB WhatsApp is steeply increasing. This application has won the hearts of millions of people in less than a day.

Since GBWhatsApp comes with updates periodically after a few months, you have to update this application to increase it. And if you are looking for the latest version of this application, then you are in the right approach because you can know all about GBWhatsApp on this website and then you can download the application from the link mentioned below and install it on your mobile phone. you can use it very easily.

GBWhatsApp MOD Information

App NameGB WhatsApp
Size48.1 MB
Requires Android5.0+
Last updated2 day ago

GBWhatsapp APK Latest Version Features

  • Download status
  • Send a video of size up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB
  • Send unlimited images
  • Set auto-reply messages
  • Hide your last seen and privacy option
  • Send large file
  • Send Gif Images, disable voice calling if you want.
  • Change the app icon and notifications from settings.
  • support multiple languages
  • customize theme
  • change GBWhatsapp icon
  • enable DND mode
  • send unlimited messages one click
  • creat unlimited gif and send
  • Share your live location

Details About GBWhatsapp Features

GB WhatsApp looks the same as ordinary WhatsApp but like all WhatsApp, you can chat and make video calls and voice and send to everyone. Using the application is very straightforward, but Burrow can use it. This application is very useful for those who want to open or open multiple accounts simultaneously.

  • If you want to open 2 WhatsApp on a phone with the same name then you can use GB WhatsApp.
  • In general WhatsApp, no large file can be sent, but in this GB WhatsApp, you can upload unlimited large files.
  • If you want to download someone else’s WhatsApp status you can use it. In this box, you can download the status of all types of pictures or videos
  • on WhatsApp, you can upload video status of not more than 30 seconds but in GBWhatsapp you will be able to upload video status up to 5 minutes.
  • You can download this mode Application Unlimited Premium Theme here and there which will make your WhatsApp more beautiful.
  • You may have noticed that if a company’s WhatsApp account comes up with an automatic replay, you can easily do this with Jib WhatsApp. This system gives it another dimension to this application.
  • If you want to delete the entire message by messaging it with someone, you can use this application. Because in this application you can delete someone completely without having any problem, even though this system is now on normal WhatsApp.
  • GBWhatsapp is rich in huge number of stickers not available in other social media.
  • You can also change the colors and pictures of your GBWhatsapp notification bar.
  • You can set a schedule here so that as you save it, the message will go to that person at that time.
  • Here you can manage it from the payment options here if you want to pay someone or take payment from someone.
  • With this mode, I run background monthly which automatically plays at chat time.
  • Another feature of this application is that whenever a virus is detected in this application it says so everyone can use it without fear of WhatsApp.
  • This mode allows you or your friends to share your live location with them.

GBWhatsapp latest version APK Installation guide

First, you have to download the GB WhatsApp from the following link, then open it by going to File or Folder, then click on Install text in the lower right corner of the mobile.

Whatsapp GB

Once his WhatsApp is installed, the application must be opened. After that, you will need some permissions that will need to be erased and that will bring you to the place of the t number. If you select your country and input the number then you will need some permissions. If you enter your number one OTP or one-time password will be automatically detected. Go, if not then who has to input it separately. There is no need to input precisely because WhatsApp’s OTP is automatically detected. After that, the main screen will open wherever a contact show takes place.

GBWhatsapp latest version

How to set auto-reply messages

See how to set some important features, if you want to set auto replay messages then you have to go to GB WhatsApp‘s settings first and then there will be an option of auto replay messages then click on it. It will give you 5 options. Inside, you have to select an option that you like, and its text will have an option where you can automate it. You can limit the number of hours. If the message is complete on your GB WhatsApp after the completion of the task

Advantage of GBWhatsApp

GB WhatsApp has its advantages and disadvantages and there are many things that can be done very easily by using these apps.

If anyone has an organization and they want to give an automated reply to their customer then he can easily do so by using these apps. Here’s how to do it.

And if anyone wants to download someone’s status, they can still use these GB WhatsApp apps.

If a friend changes his profile picture or is online or offline, you will find it very noticeable at Jib WhatsApp’s notification, it is very common for many, and it is very big for someone because their friends are coming online or offline. We need to know.

If anyone wants to use the theme of GB Whatsapp instead of using the theme in their own way, we can do it in the same way. If anyone wants to share that theme with a friend then there is that theme you can submit to GB WhatsApp, which your friends can later submit. Download and use it very easily. This application has many benefits that cannot be discussed by all. But below are some of the features discussed.

Disadvantage of GBWhatsapp

There are some disadvantages of this GB WhatsApp that may be a little too close to one another, and to some, they are a lot of burrows. Since these apps are not linked to a government or real WhatsApp, there is no guarantee that any other person will not be able to see or receive the message you send to anyone. Later, your information can also be used to do bad things

An update to these apps doesn’t actually come up with a notification as there are no updates on the Google Play Store, so the update isn’t actually known. For that, everyone has to search on different websites. WhatsApp says on their official website that GB WhatsApp is not an app for them, so if someone’s GB Whatsapp stops working or someone has a problem then WhatsApp will not be responsible for it.

When using these apps, advertisements often come up which can lead to loss of work and a lot of time. However, many times the ads do not come. Since a lot of things are done automatically in these apps, the phone’s battery ends up being the same thing, which is a big deal for many. If a person’s mobile battery is low, then it’s a lot of boredom for him

So is this mode app safe to use?

Answering this question is really difficult because no one has made such bad doctrine by using apps and these apps are not governmental and therefore it is difficult to answer them.

No moderated application is probably safe. In most cases, it’s good to use things and there is often a hidden cost to those that come free. However, I cannot say what is the real purpose of this jib WhatsApp or those who created it

Another concern is that the app is not available directly from the Google Play Store. This could mean that they simply don’t want it because Google trying to duplicate it as an official WhatsApp. Or it might mean that they know their app won’t pass the Google Play Protect’s security checks. Since it is not available in the Google Play Store, I would like to say that the application is not auto-secure.

If you use GBWhatsApp, you probably don’t know if they are spying on you. So they are at risk of using it knowing they are doing it. Now on a day when a man’s secrets are being used for a lot of bad things, Jeeb WhatsApp will be careful when using it.